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    Devocean Divers (previously Seaquest), Malapascua: Philippines

    Devocean Divers Malapascua Dive Center

    Padi 5 Star accredited dive center located in Malapascua, easily one of the most beautiful islands in the world, and home to rebranded Devocean Divers.
    http://www.seaquestdivecenter.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/malapascua-seaquest-dive-center-front-view.jpgMalapascua Island; a small island situated at the northern tip of Cebu Island, more or less 130 kilometers from Cebu City. The last leg of the travel to the island is done by boat. During the Spanish presence in the Philippines a group of Spanish Explorers got caught in bad weather and were forced to spend Christmas on the island. The Spanish Mala-Pascua translates to bad Christmas in English and thats how the island got its name. The locals never really accepted the name and still refer to the island as Logon Island. This pristine island with its postcard appearance is one of the most beautiful islands in the region. A natural beauty, that hasnt been discovered by the masses yet. Light blue water surrounds the islands white sandy beaches with a fringe of palm trees on the back drop and an exquisite sunset to look forward to everyday. Paradise.sea-horse-Seaquest-Dive-Center,-Philippins Malapascua Island is a special place for divers. Its the only know place, in the world, that allows diver to observe Thresher sharks up close. In the Visayan Sea divers can drop down to a reef called Monad shoal. Every morning at the crack of dawn the Thresher Sharks patrol the shoal allowing smaller reef fish to nibble parasites of their bodies. Divers are guided to a specially assigned area from where they can observe this otherwise very illusive shark calmly cruise by. There are also times that Oceanic Manta Rays drop by at Monad Shoal for the same treatment. During the hottest months, drop into the blue at a dive site called Kimudharlequin-shrimp-seaquest-dive-center-malapascua Shoal and try your luck at Scalloped Hammerhead. Other highlights are the reefs around the island that are abundant with the varied macro life that is so characteristic for diving in the Philippines. Night dives are a must if you like seahorses and mandarin fish. white-tip-reef-shark-Seaquest-Dive-Center,-Philippins Gato Island is a small rocky island in the middle of the sea just 45 minutes away by boat. Highlights here are the white tip reef sharks that patrol the islands swim troughs and small caves. This is a really cool dive site. Kalagaman Island with its colorful reefs and picturesque appearance its a perfect setting for a memorable day of diving and a beach barbeque. See here a list of recommended Malapascua dive sites. SeaQuest Dive Center in Malapascua is located right on the main beach. The center has a 5 star PADI rating. Besides daily scuba diving trips the center offers a complete range of PADI scuba diving courses from beginner through to PADI assistant instructor. dive-boat-Seaquest-Dive-Center,-PhilippinsThe dive guide team here is made up of local dive enthusiast. Brought up on the island and its reefs they know the reefs and the specialties of Malapascua very well.  Quick and comfortable access to the dive sites by typical outrigger boats and a speedboat (Yamaha 75 HP engine). Dive groups are assembled on experience and objective and in general the ratio is 4 divers to 1 dive guide. rental-gear-seaquest-dive-center-philippines The rental equipment and Dive Computers are all Cressie-Sub. To fill the tanks a powerful LW compressor and a Nitrox blending system guarantee a good, quick fill and clean air. The filling is done out of the resort premises. Sanctuary fees and fuel surcharges are applicable in Malapascua. SeaQuest dive center has a no gloves policy, the maximum depth is 40 meters and diving into deco is strictly prohibited at all dive shops.

    *5 Star Dive Centre*Nitrox Fills*Shark Diving!

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