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    What is WeChat?

    WeChat is like WhatsApp, only bigger and better.

    Today it is WeChat that is the most frequently used social media app among Chinese mobile phone users.

    If this is all geek to you, then simply know this: WeChat is the most popular way Chinese divers get their diving news and information.

    Why WeChat?

    Countless studies have found that, broadly speaking:
    1) Asians love mobile phones;
    2) Asians are early adopters of mobile technology;
    3) The secret of WeChat’s success is the push notification.
    The phone dings. The ding alerts the phone user to today’s newly arrived China Scuba Diving news. Click, open and read.
    In this deceptively simple way, China Scuba Diving has leapfrogged traditional magazines, dive clubs and bloggers in reaching, attracting and influencing your target customer behind the Great Firewall of China. Forget Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter or Instagram. They are dead to Chinese. If you want to speak to Beijingers, Shanghainese and Cantonese, use WeChat.

    Why China Scuba Diving?

    Of our 50,000 subscribers, more than 70 percent reside in mainland China’s wealthy “first world” cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

    Many speak functional English, or at least better English than you speak Chinese.

    We speak, read and write both. It’s an edge. In a new industry, it’s sometimes priceless.

    Scuba diving remains in its infancy on the mainland, but certified divers are emerging with a yen for small-group travel to select destinations. Nearly all are active social media users and opinion leaders within their exclusive peer groups.

    Among China Scuba Diving’s most active followers are photojournalists and editors for travel, leisure and sports magazines searching for story ideas from our postings. Not only media but diving industry opinion leaders, top instructors and club organizers find China Scuba Diving’s daily newsletter a must-read for practical diving tips, site reviews, safety advice, underwater photography and fun, interactive activities.

    Through a constant emphasis on international safety standards, environmental awareness and marine conservation, China Scuba Diving has built a loyal following for its independent, objective voice.

    Why now?

    China’s affluent middle class until recently struggled to obtain visas for key diving destinations.

    Mainland China has at least 100,000 Professional Association of Diving Instructors divers, with newly certified Open Water divers increasing each year: 16,000 in 2012, 22,000 in 2013 and 30,000 expected in 2014.

    Mainland Chinese diving is widely expected to achieve near-exponential growth, surpassing Taiwan and Hong Kong in the next decade, based on the massive population base, rising GDP and expansion of visa agreements.

    China Scuba Diving announced its arrival as a media partner at the Beijing Diving Show September 12-14, 2014. We exhibited at ADEX China in Shanghai in September 19-21. China Scuba Diving cooperates with Chinese news and travel media including Oriental Outlook Weekly, Human & Nature, Asian Diver and EZDIVE magazine.

    Why not?

    China Scuba Diving approaches only carefully selected resorts on behalf of its fast-growing army of subscribers. We base our optimism on three factors:

    ? Our growing, exclusive database of mainland China divers
    ? The new & rapidly expanding mainland China scuba diving market
    ? Unrivalled language abilities to connect mainland Chinese with the outside world

    Through building trust, understanding and experience with readers and partner resorts over the next decade, we believe our shared niche market can evolve into a friendly, successful long-term cooperation that is beneficial to all parties.

    Contact us

    Tel: 0086 6503 0107

    Mobile: 0086 139 1023 2471

    Email: info@chinascubadiving.com

    Facebook: China Scuba Diving